With the Best Outdoor Wooden Swing Sets! Design & Create a backyard swing set that lets your children's imagination skyrocket!

Rainbow Play Systems is 2,100,000 children strong and growing, with over 600,000 wooden swing sets installed worldwide! Your child can blast off on their very own Rainbow ® swing set, rocketing to the moon, sailing the seven seas, or commanding a circus. With their imagination and Rainbow Play Systems outdoor playsets, there are no limits to where they can go! We design and create cedar swing sets; as well as countless swing set accessories and options. This allows freedom to design the ideal outdoor playset for your family. For both healthy and safe fun, Rainbow Play Systems assures that every Rainbow ® swing set is built with quality craftsmanship with every child’s safety in mind.

Local Pick-up & Delivery Available

Playsets for all of Western Canada


Built with quality materials for free-standing wooden Playsets that are the sturdiest and longest-lasting in the world.


The structural integrity of our playsets keep your child’s safety at the forefront. Explore our unmatched safety features.


We want you to love your swing set for a lifetime. Discover how our industry-leading warranty ensures years of intensive play.


Our professional delivery & installation is available nationwide so you can enjoy your playset without the hassle of setting it up.