Where to Start with Tropical Plants

Where to Start with Tropical Plants

Indoor plants have taken a sweeping upwards trend in the industry in the last couple of years. This year specifically, whether it’s the stay-at-home culture we’ve been assigned or just the latest and greatest of collectibles, indoor plants are incredibly popular. In some cases, demand for specific varieties of plants have been known to cause plant frenzy anywhere that plants are sold.

Indoor plants, like their outdoor counterparts allows our human instinct to care, nurture, and tend to our green babies daily. Choosing the right plant for the right place applies indoors as much as it does in your outdoor landscapes. Indoor flowering plants and plants that are native to the tropics, in general prefer bright, indirect sunlight, even moisture and humidity. If you have a dark home (or office), or very few windows choose plants that prefer or will tolerate lower light levels. In all cases, watering should be as needed and on a relatively consistent basis. One of the worst detriments to most indoor plants is overwatering, or of course, the flip-side – underwatering; there is a fine balance between both. Do your research when purchasing indoor plants to best understand their needs.

Collecting tropical plants should not be a popularity contest, but rather a way of expressing personality and meeting the need to grow. If your home is not suitable for one of your rare finds, or you don’t have the means to properly care for it, move on to one, two or a few of the many plants that can meet the needs of any level of plant caregiver.

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