Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Growth patterns

Clump forming – are grasses that grow in tidy mounds and clumps, they are not invasive but the clumps will spread slowly in diameter over time.

Spreading (running) – are grasses that spread by underground stems or creeping roots.  They can become invasive and are aggressive.

Exposure – sun / shade

Most ornamental grass varieties prefer a full sun location.  Some varieties are adaptable and will tolerate shadier locations.


Ornamental grasses are not overly particular about soil, but prefer a well-drained soil.


All plants require regular watering to become established, this is especially important the first year after planting.  Once established plants won’t require as much water but should always receive supplemental watering during periods of drought.  Water requirements can vary depending on grass variety, location, and size.


Grasses prefer to grow on the lean side so they require low levels of fertilizer.  A slow release fertilizer, used once per season, is ideal to keep grasses looking healthy throughout the summer.  Avoid fertilizers containing high Nitrogen – this can cause plants to flop.