Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

The sound of lawnmowers, sprinklers and singing birds have heralded in today’s sunny, blue sky morning. Neighbours are busy tending to their gardens and lawns after a busy few weeks of getting things planted and ready for summer. With the first official day of summer just a week away, there is still is plenty to do on the garden front. You’ve likely been busy planting up containers, getting the veg beds growing, browsing more than a few garden centers and keeping things watered through our variable weather conditions of this spring.

Perennial beds and mixed borders are now needing a little extra attention. It’s a good time to have a closer look at your trees and shrubs to notice any pests or problems affecting plants that haven’t been noticed until now. Tent caterpillars, leaf rollers, scale, aphids, ants, creeping bellflower and of course our lily nemesis, Japanese lily beetle has been part of garden discussions the last couple of weeks. This time of year, the rodents and critters tend to start causing more problems, skunks and an overabundant population of gophers are plaguing local gardens. Deer and rabbits, while a little easier to put up, which can cause a lot of frustration for hard-working gardeners. We have several solutions and deterrents to help you with all sorts of garden invaders, stop in for a chat or watch for posts on Facebook and Instagram in the next coming weeks for some tips and advice.

While the school year is quickly coming to an end, the garden season continues. We have lots of annuals left to choose from if you’re needing any spots to fill, new pots to plant or a special occasion to add colour to. There are also loads of planters, hanging baskets and pre-made pots to give you instant colour and make your summer to-do list a little easier. Our tree and shrub yards are looking spectacular and the roses are showing tons of colour, making it tough to pick just one. Perennials are available in all sizes, from 9cm to 5-gallon (and ornamental grasses in 10-gallon) pots, and with plenty of variety making it easy to add more colour and texture to your garden beds.

From sod to garden décor to plants (indoor and out), to tools, pots, accessories and landscape products -we have all your garden needs. Stop in for a visit if you haven’t been by for a while, or pop back if you have, there’s always a great deal to be had and always plenty to see at Blue Grass!

See you soon, happy gardening!