Shrubs 101

Shrubs 101

Shrubs By Definition

A woody perennial plant, which is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground.

A deciduous shrub is one that loses its leaves at the end of the growing season and goes dormant during cold weather.

A coniferous shrub, often called evergreens, bear cones and most hold their needles.


The fundamental benefits of these plants are food, shelter, improve air quality, and fuel but most importantly they produce oxygen, store carbon and stabilize the soil.

The landscape benefits are beauty, shade, help blanket noise, privacy, fruit, flowers, shelter for wildlife, increase property value etc.

Shrubs at Blue Grass

Our shrubs are available in a variety of potted sizes. Our shrubs are supplied through various nursery growers in Western Canada. We are fully stocked at our retail locations by mid-May, bringing in stock weekly through to late fall.