Promise of Spring Has Green Thumbs Tingling

Promise of Spring Has Green Thumbs Tingling

As the depth of Winter starts to let go of it’s hold and the days get slowly longer, the promise of an early spring has green thumbs tingling. Christmas has finally been put away and plants in the Greenhouse are starting to flourish, seed racks have hit the Garden Centre floor and spring garden décor is beginning to brighten up the shelves. It’s an exciting time of year! Will Balzac Billy reveal that spring is on it’s way on Groundhog Day? – let’s hope so!

We still have many weeks until we can get outside and clean up our gardens to get them ready for another growing season, but there’s plenty to keep us busy. Refresh or purchase new indoor plants, set up a grow corner to start some of your own seeds or pick up a few pots of herbs to freshen up a kitchen counter. Also, garden planning can start in earnest by flipping through the latest garden magazines, picking up a new garden book or perusing the web for great garden design ideas. There are some garden trends, as reported by Garden Media Group, emerging for 2017 that may help you get started with this year’s garden plans.

Gardening year round is increasingly becoming the norm as interest in indoor gardening increases. The revived interest in creating indoor plantscapes for relaxation, growing edibles indoors, growing-your-own, clean air and more have gardeners seeking out new technology to make growing indoors easier and more successful. Watch for new indoor growing systems to show up on the market.

Gardening is the new yoga! Gardens and nature areas are highlighted as health and wellness areas to reduce stress and provide an escape to awaken of all our senses. The soothing sounds of nature, shade trees and indoor office plants create healthier and happier people. We already knew this…didn’t we?

As we look to spring cleaning our homes and clearing out the clutter in the new year, consider another garden trend coming our way. Tidy gardens and tidy plants are becoming more popular as small yards and garden spaces continue to be part of the mainstream. Evolve to a tidy garden by keeping plants under control or substituting for smaller or dwarf varieties, cleaning out old and tired plants for new and low maintenance varieties, eliminate excess and create defined spaces by using specific plant palettes and hardscaping.

The clean trend also applies to a consumer desire for organic foods, knowledge of where it comes from, products free of chemicals and increased awareness of clean living, clean eating, clean water and clean environments. People want to live heathy and make healthy lifestyle choices. Integrating nature, shopping locally, growing-your-own are all options for healthy living and we have the tools to help you.

Fresh produce and plant supply subscriptionsnatural pest control and garden plants in gold and metallic, as well as natural materials in the garden round out this year’s garden trends. Ultimately the love of gardening and an increased appreciation for plants has cultivated a new age of horticulture, where people of all ages are choosing a single trend or all the above to create their own sense of well being in this crazy world we all call home. Grow your passion or if you’re new to the gardening world, we welcome you and look forward to helping you with all your garden goals, no matter how big or small.

Looking forward to a great gardening season! See you soon!