Perennials 101

Perennials 101

By Definition

A perennial is an herbaceous plant that lives for two years or more if hardy in your growing zone. Perennials can live for many years, unless categorized as a short-lived perennial, one that only lives 3 to 5 years.

A biennial is a flowering plant that takes two years to complete its life cycle. Generally, grows basal leaves the first year, flowers second and produces seed to continue populating in the garden.


There are perennials to suit every situation, style, colour, size and design of any garden.

Perennials mix well with other plants, creating a mixed border of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

Perennials can be planted in containers mixed with annuals for the summer, then transplanted into the garden in the fall to overwinter. Very few perennials will survive winters in a container in our growing region.

Perennials at Blue Grass

We have an excellent selection of perennials at Blue Grass, available in the Greenhouse. Every gardener can be confident that they will buy perennials from our collection that are hardy for our area. We have a wide selection of perennials available in 9cm, 11cm and 16cm pots; 1-gal and 2-gal pots available for some perennials, and up to a 5-gal for our more popular ornamental grasses.