Ornamental Grass 101

Ornamental Grass 101


An herbaceous or evergreen perennial or annual plant.  Ornamental grasses are plants that are grown for their ornamental qualities.  Unlike lawn and turf grass varieties, ornamental grass is meant to grow and not be cut down or mown.

Ornamental grasses are a group of plants with graceful habits, textures, heights, and colours that add beauty and interest to the landscape.


Cool season grass will start to grow early in the spring, flower in early summer, then growth slows in hot summer weather.  Many cool season grasses remain semi-evergreen in the winter.  Blue Oat Grass, Reed Grass, and Blue fescue are some cool season grasses.

Warm season grass begin to grow late spring to early summer when soil temperatures warm up, flower and set seed in the summer and fall, then go dormant with the onset of winter.

Ornamental Grasses at Blue Grass

You can buy ornamental grasses in a variety of potted sizes. Our grasses are supplied through various nursery growers in Western Canada. We are fully stocked at our retail locations by mid-May, bringing in stock weekly throughout the season.