May is finally here!

May is finally here!

May is finally here! As a gardener it has felt like it has taken forever to get here, as a Garden Centre it feels like we’ve been in full swing for 6 weeks or more already! So much anticipation and hurry to get growing is proof positive that the large increase in gardeners is not slowing down in any way. Patience has been a hard virtue to maintain as we continue to ride out all that is going on around us, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. For now, let’s celebrate that our garden season is right around the corner, the plant gathering has begun in earnest and we’re getting ready to get growing!


The Garden Centre, Greenhouse and Nursery is filling up with all sorts of wonderful things; your garden dreams can soon become reality. Along with our Blue Grass sod, we have an incredible selection of herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses (annual and perennial) and our trees and shrubs will be fully stocked by mid May. The Garden Centre has amazing home and garden décor around every corner, all the hand tools you need to get the job done, fertilizers, soils, seeds, growing accessories and so much more. Every week you’ll find new things as we are unpacking items daily!


Growing your own food, sustainable gardening and container gardening continue to be the growing themes for the garden this year. Creating outdoor living spaces that provide comfort, solace, and a place to gather are all especially important again as many of us stay close to home and create another ‘room’ to escape to. Bold colours, thoughtful landscape design, big trees and gardening with kids and family round out the gardening movement that continues to boom. Houseplants, succulents, and mini plants continue to be very collectible as we are seeing all ages getting involved.


Visit us at Blue Grass for an escape, to wander among our beautiful garden shops and start creating the backyard of your dreams. From online chat features, a growing website, social media posts and in person, we are happy to help you out. As an essential service we will continue to be open for you and look after your safety and well-being as best we can while you are in our space. It will be a busy season as everyone is so ready to get growing, please have patience, be kind but mostly have fun…remember to take some time to stop and smell the roses and breathe, there are a lot of good things growing on right now.


Happy May, Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Gardening!

Ready, Set, Grow!