Are you struggling to get a lush, green landscape on your own?

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener where you water it. Our superior sod is locally developed and grown to give you the highest quality grass for your residential lawns, commercial sites, and golf course turfs. Our family-operated sod farm, Nursery and Garden Centre can help you choose the right product for your project.

Get delivery in just a few days within Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.


We Know Alberta Climates

Do you want to wave a magic wand to reveal a freshly manicured lawn? We’ve tried that. It didn’t work. But our sod is just as magical.

Sod not only looks great but is eco-friendly approved 👍

The grass is greener where you plant with Blue Grass.

No time for pickup? No problem. We can deliver within a few days.

Just be prepared to lay your sod within 24 hours of delivery.

Sod is delivered via flat deck semi-trailers and a forklift to place your product wherever you desire, providing there is access for the forklift, and the driver feels it’s safe to put where specified.

Premium Kentucky Blue Grass Sod

This best seller is perfect for your home, sports fields, and commercial projects with irrigation. Customers love its quick spring green-up, disease resistance, and drought tolerance.

Premium Kentucky Blue Grass Sod – Fairway Cut

Your golf course has never been greener or easier to maintain than with this locally grown blend. Take pride in a lush landscape while the sod combats disease, adapts to a low cutting height, and has a fast spring green-up. This blend has been thoughtfully crafted to increase the turf’s shade and drought tolerance.

Blue Grass Eco Sod

Has your busy schedule kept you from maintaining a beautiful lawn? Blue Grass Eco Sod is designed for approximately once a month mowing. Eco Sod is optimized to enhance athletic fields, golf course roughs, residential and commercial applications. Compared to other products, this type only uses a fraction of the water and fertilizer to keep the grass green and healthy.

Premium Fine Fescue Sod

Do you need help with erosion control, a low maintenance solution, or are you in a non-irrigated green space? Our Fine Fescue Blend helps reduce water consumption, doesn’t need as much fertilizer as other sod brands, and requires less mowing. It can thrive in a variety of soil conditions and lower light environments.

Premium sod is just a click or call away.

Your Local Landscape Experts Are Here To Help

Take advantage of our online sod calculator to determine exactly how much you’ll need. Need someone to double-check your numbers? That’s what we’re here for!

New to Sod?

Depend on our 50 years of landscape experience. Call us anytime to get local expertise to help your project flourish.

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