Indoor Plants that are Safe for Pets

Indoor Plants that are Safe for Pets

Cleaner air that helps you breathe easier, bright colours that make you smile, and the feeling of growth that eases a bit of your stress are just a few of the many reasons keeping plants in your home is a great idea. There is something about stepping into a room full of rich, vibrant plant life that lifts your spirit and helps you feel a little more connected to the earth. Indoor plants bring many positive benefits to your household. But some plants could be harmful to certain inhabitants of your home—the kind of inhabitants with four paws.

You may have walked into a room to see your cat sitting on the counter munching away on a leaf they managed to tear away from a particularly enticing stem. Or maybe you’ve caught your puppy digging in a potted plant when you stopped watching them for only 5 minutes. Some plants may look beautiful, but they can make an animal sick if they somehow ingest any part of them.

If you are planning on purchasing some plants for your home, it pays to be cautious when you pick your plants. Of the thousands of different species of plants, how do you know which ones are great indoors and safe for your pets?

Pet Safe Indoor Plants

Many people feel a great connection with the greenery. It’s lovely when you can enjoy some of that nature inside. But you want to exercise caution when choosing the perfect collection of plants to bring into your home. Some indoor plants can be toxic to animals when consumed, and keeping them away from pets can be difficult. Despite the ‘ouch’ outcome, we’ve seen cats go after cacti.

The following is a list of plants that make an excellent addition to your space and are safe for the smaller furrier family members.

Edible Plants

Nasturtiums make a great addition to your plant collection. Not only are they bright and colourful, but they are also easy to care for and edible! Their eye-catching orange and yellow flowers are highlighted against the leaves, providing a nice splash of cheer to help liven up a space. And as a bonus, the flowers, leaves, and seeds can all be eaten. They have a spicy, mustardy taste and add a little zing to a garden salad. Also, the peppery taste acts as a deterrent to most pets. They don’t usually take more than a bite or two before learning to stay away. But have no fear if they decide to start munching; these plants are safe and provide a healthy dose of vitamins A and C.

Herbs like basil are also one of pet safe indoor plants. You can keep a small herb garden in your kitchen all year long and harvest the delicious freshness for soups and salads even in the cold winter months. Basil is a particularly easy and beneficial herb to grow. Add home-grown basil to a red sauce for your next Italian meal, or sprinkle on a pizza to get that perfect hint of freshly harvested greens. Basil is also rich in antioxidants which can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Large Plants

If you have large open spaces that you wish to fill with greenery, there are a few options that would be perfect. The parlour palm is a prevalent indoor plant that has existed inside homes for a long time. Its name derives from the Victorian ages when people would place these plants in the room where their guests would visit. Who would have guessed? These elegant green stalks add a touch of class to any space and are very easy to care for.

Palms can be iffy for pets. You certainly want to avoid some, like the Sago palm. The sago palm is a commonly grown plant, but you want to beware of these, as they can be toxic if your cat or dog gets ahold of one. But palms like the parlour and the next one on the list are quite safe.

The pygmy palm is a beautiful exotic palm that brings a tropical look to a room. They remind you of the palm trees you see in pictures of island paradises but only reach 4 or 5 feet when grown indoors. Bring some island scenery into your home, and don’t worry about your pets. These plants are considered very safe if your pooch somehow gets into digging.

If an exotic, tropical look is your style, another gorgeous indoor plant is the banana plant. The huge, shiny leaves burst with a lush, verdant green colour. The banana plant is a little more challenging to care for and requires a warm moist environment. If they’re kept inside year-round, they’ll also require bright direct light to flourish. When taken care of, these plants will reward you with a beautiful view whenever you walk into the room.

Are you purchasing plants to fill a new home or to mark a significant life change? If so, the money tree is believed to bring good luck and fortune. We can’t make any promises, but it’s the thought that counts. With its twisting trunk and elongated oval leaves, the money tree has a unique look that stands apart from other plants. If your pet decides to take a bite of these leaves, you might be upset they ruined this spectacular plant, but you can rest assured that they won’t be harmed.

Smaller Plants

Perhaps you’re looking for some smaller plants. Then the Boston Fern might be on your list. This fern is easy to care for and spreads nicely to fill a small area. It won’t get very tall, but the plentiful leaves create a fountain of greenery that drapes nicely when it grows out.

Is your pet of the feline variety? The long tendrils of green leaves of the spider plant fascinate cats and people alike. Maybe they remind the purring pets of the grass they like to eat to help calm their stomach, or perhaps it reminds them of the jungle grasses of their ancestors. Whatever the reason, cats love these plants. Fortunately, these pet safe indoor plants are perfectl for your pets to play with. You will also love how easy they are to care for and how much better you’ll breathe from having these plants. Studies have shown that these indoor plants are particularly good at scrubbing harmful gasses like benzene and carbon monoxide from your household air.

Are you looking for more colour to liven up your plant space? The African Violet is found in various colours that stand out against any background. Their bold and vivid purples and pinks perfectly complement a bookshelf or end table. Any guests in your home will be sure to notice and comment on these beautiful flowers.

These plants are a great start, but there are certainly more choices and more options. Visit our store in Calgary, Red Deer, or Edmonton – our experts will be more than happy to help you find the perfect plants to fill your home with greenery and keep your pets safe.

Have you purchased plants for your home before? Can you give other readers tips about what to look for when making their purchases? Leave a comment below.