Growing Anticipation

Growing Anticipation

February, the month of love and the month gardeners struggle through as we wait out the end of winter and anticipate the arrival of our growing season. Waiting for spring to arrive, waiting to start seeds that we know we shouldn’t get going too soon, waiting for new plant arrivals and waiting perhaps for Valentine’s Day surprises. We become avid weather channel watchers to see if the temperatures will stay in the melting zone, signalling spring or if more snow and cold temperatures will continue to keep our green thumbs at bay. Regardless of Balzac Billy’s prediction of six more weeks of winter, we’re still pining for spring and the go ahead to get growing!

Waiting for spring can be frustrating, knowing that we have a short growing season and I’m sure you’re tired of us telling you to plan, prepare, get ready…when even we just want to get growing! I’ve been sorting through my seed collection, you know the assortment of packages that keep getting added to each year, checking sowing times and number of days to germination, transplant and planting out. Likely I’ll check out the new seed racks this week to see what else I can add to my seed packet bundle and choose the veg seeds I’ll try this year.

Why is it important to pay attention to days to germination and sowing instructions? Seeding success! In and around Calgary we have an average of about 115 frost-free days, of which traditionally we start on May long weekend and grow until about middle of September. Our growing zone is Zone 3-4a, which means plants zoned 3-4 should survive our winters. Many of the seeds that are easy and quick to grow are vegetables and annuals. Knowing the dates to germination, plant out and harvest will help determine if the seeds you are choosing will be successful here or not. Planting out, enjoying the blooms and harvesting your own food is such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Whether a small pot of herbs on a deck, a raised bed or a complete garden there is a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when seeing your efforts flourish.

Our Garden Centre is starting to bloom with the addition of all sorts of spring garden décor, fun home décor, seed and seed supplies, pots of all sorts, fairy garden accessories, garden furniture, garden ornaments and so much more. The Greenhouse is lush with healthy indoor plants, cactus and succulents, fairy garden plants, flowering seasonal plants and of course, Valentine’s gift ideas. While away some time stopping in at Blue Grass to check it all out, make some garden plans and ask for some advice if needed. We’re here for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!