Garden Season in Full Swing

Garden Season in Full Swing

Finally, we’re into the full swing of the garden season! Mother Nature was sure slow to get us started this year, impatient gardeners everywhere are now well into getting gardens planted, creating beautiful patio containers and tending to perennial and shrub beds. Weeding, watering and adding plants has become part of daily routine. Watching skies is still a must, as we’ve already witnessed all sorts of variable weather patterns and temperatures. Many are still cleaning up following the extreme winds of a week ago.

As we settle into those garden routines we should also be keeping an eye on the critters that are already showing up in great number! Caterpillars and aphids are already going strong! Also keep an eye on your mayday and lilac trees for black knot (black masses of abnormal growth on branches). Oystershell scale on cotoneaster continues to kill back many a mature hedge, and watch your lily collection for red lily beetle if you want to have any lilies left in your garden! Rabbits, deer, slugs, ants and voles round out the critters that are causing problems in YYC gardens.

Along with the bad critters, there are lots of good critters that we should try attracting to our gardens. Beneficial insects, song birds and pollinators can be invited to your garden by adding flowering perennials, shrubs and trees. Ensure that a good variety of plants are available that can provide bloom throughout the season as well as varying heights, from groundcover to shade trees, for preferred habitats in the garden. A source of water, provided by water holding leaves, pond, a fountain or birdbath is also a good attractant.

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Keep up the Good Growing!