Fresh Christmas Tree Care

Fresh Christmas Tree Care

A natural Christmas tree is a living object that people bring into their homes to enjoy through touch, sight and smell.  By following five easy steps for real Christmas tree care, the tree that you bring home from our lot will last and retain its freshness and may perhaps even exhibit new bud development, displaying swelling and even shoot elongation.

  • FRESH CUT There must be a fresh ¾ inch (2 cm) cut on the tree stump before it is placed in water.  The cut must be no more than 6 hours old; otherwise sap will begin to dry and seal the cut.  This ensures water uptake.


  • STAND WITH ADEQUATE WATER CAPACITY The second critical point is keeping the tree watered.  When the tree is first brought into the home, place in a tree stand capable of holding at least one day’s worth of water (1-6 quarts or litres for residential trees).  A premium 6-8′ (2 meter) natural tree can draw 1 gallon (4 litres) of water in the first 12-36 hours.  This same amount can be taken up each day and for several more before tapering off to lower levels.  As a general rule of thumb, many species consume about 1 quart (1 litre) of water/ day / inch (2.5 cm) of stem diameter.


  • HOT TAP WATER The first fill should be with hot tap water enabling the sap to flow readily as the tree thaws.  The water will be drawn upwards replenishing the moisture to the extremities.  If suction stops during the display season, an air pocket develops and a new sap cover can form on the stump, preventing the suction of water and the tree begins to dry out prematurely.  Remember, trees well taken care of can start to break bud and begin to flush out with new growth!


  • TRANSPORTING Move your trees in and out of your home with minimal needle drop by tucking a moving bag over the tree and stand.  Another method is to lay your tree onto an old sheet and wrap it.


  • CLEAN-UP Clean your hands and tree stand with a citrus based hand cleaner.