Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year, for gardening begins in January with the dream” – Josephine Neuse (garden writer).

The quote above is a fitting statement for this time of year. January is a good time to take a moment to think about what is ahead of you, but also time to reflect on the previous season or seasons (in life or in the garden). What worked, what needs work, what is your next step and how can you create the dream you’ve always wanted. In the garden, anticipation of spring can bring a whole bunch of ideas to the forefront, but it is always good to tackle your dreams in smaller pieces.

Start with the dream, jot down your ideas and plans, create your wish lists, do some research (reach out for help if needed). The practical side of things is understanding your budget, capabilities, tools required and garden parameters (zone, hardiness, site provisions, etc). This is a good reminder for experienced and new gardeners alike, jumping in headfirst can be overwhelming. Many of us have turned to our homes and gardens the last couple of years for comfort, safety and self sustainability and there is a growing sense of evolution in the importance of taking stock of life, careers, and home.

Our industry has seen exponential growth, not only in the collection of plants but in online shopping, learning and digital experiences, although as a practical gardener, I believe there is nothing like getting your hands in rich, organic soil or caring for plants with bare hands. Hands-on is still one of the best ways to connect with nature, living things and the outdoors.

Upcoming garden trends for 2022 include increasing curb appeal, decorating front porches and containers that look good but need low care. This zone provides a new space to decorate and enjoy. Add window boxes, planters on the porch and trees and flowers in the landscape; along with home comforts such as couches, dining room sets and home décor items. Kids zones, working from home (WFH) zones and entertainment zones are other ‘rooms’ that are important this year to the home gardener.

Trends also show that the houseplant category will continue to grow with plant collectors of rare and unusual, tried and true basics and a love of vintage (or 70’s style) plants, such as African violets, pothos, spider plant and ferns. Blue Grass will continue to provide inspiration, education, and lots of great indoor plants for your indoor gardening passions. We have lots of great deals ahead with our 12 weeks of tropical plants, Welcome to the Jungle event that has started with the beautiful Bougainvillea and will take your right through to the spring with many great offerings.

While Periwinkle Blue has been announced as the pantone colour of the year, Green is the colour of optimism and the season ahead. Everyone is craving spring and nature after a cold winter and a (seemingly) never-ending pandemic. There are warmer days ahead as Spring provides a natural occurrence of renewal, rebirth, and stability. (Garden Trends 2022- Garden Media Group).

Take care and dare to dream!