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Author: Olivia Johns

Garden Basics

Chasing Spring

March 4, 2024

Blue Grass Garden Blog, February 2024 February Follies The winter of 2024 has been mild to say the least, although early this year, the short-term deep freeze tried to knock us all down. Early February was once again showing us unseasonably warm temperatures and had us all eagerly anticipating spring. Although, maybe no one as […] Read More
Basic Garden Designs

Garden Trends for 2024

January 22, 2024

The start of the new year may have us looking at the past, what’s is our current situation and what will the future bring. New Year’s resolutions are being made, new day planners are being opened and written in with precision, colour and hope for fun ahead. With a mild winter (up to this month) […] Read More
Basic Garden Designs

Getting Started with Perennials and Annuals

January 8, 2024

Blue Grass Garden Blog, July 2023 Continuing our series of what we can grow and what we should plant in Zone 3/4, we turn our attention to the colour and personality of the garden. Perennials and annuals are herbaceous plants that are the filler to the structure created by woody ornamentals. Perennials are plants that […] Read More
Basic Tree Care

Choosing Hardy Trees & Shrubs

Blue Grass Garden Blog, June 2023 Gardening in Zone 3/4 certainly has its challenges, but with some basic knowledge and a little fortitude we can grow some beautiful gardens in the prairies and foothills. Any new gardener to our growing area should fundamentally understand the growing or hardiness zone, how to create a fertile garden […] Read More
Grow Your Own

Determining What is the Right Tomato for Your Garden

September 28, 2022

Choosing what type of tomato to grow in your yard may seem as easy as checking them out at your local greenhouse. Knowing a bit more about the right type of tomato to grow in your garden space will help you optimize the tasty rewards. Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes There are two main growing types […] Read More

Our Favourite Cool Season Annuals

When we are ready to get growing in the early spring, there is no plant that is more loved or promoted as the spring annual to plant. Generations of gardeners have planted pansies for their full, colourful faces, happy flowers, and spring (and fall) hardiness. Violas have been jumping up in our gardens for years […] Read More
Annuals for Sun

Water-wise Gardening

There are several strategies to help maintain success in the garden even during periods of drought or extreme heat in our gardening zone. Blue Grass recommends the following steps to achieve garden sustainability when things start to heat up. Also consider planting some of the plants in the attached list in some of the hot […] Read More
Beneficial Insects

What’s Bugging you this Summer?

August 13, 2021

With so much going on around us, our gardens have become our haven of quiet and distraction. We’ve seen an incredible increase in new gardeners in the horticulture industry as well as the garden gurus who have been up for the challenge for many years. This season there seems to be a lot more things […] Read More