As The Season Turns

As The Season Turns

Following a beautiful weekend among the fall colours of Banff, I was certainly not prepared to see the snow that had befallen us overnight here in Calgary. I am sure that I’m not alone in not being ready for winter and still have plenty to accomplish in the yard before it’s ready to be put to bed. Leaves have scattered in the stormy winds; green lawns are covered in snow and any annuals that remained are certainly past due by now.

The appeal of living in the prairies is the four seasons we should be awarded, much like steps through the year. Having winter winds show up this early in October has us missing a step. We’re not ready to make nice with the next season. Luckily for us the adage of waiting five minutes remains relatively true and our weather forecast looks promising, bringing the sun back for another week or so. This reprieve will allow us to stop procrastinating and work at getting our gardens put to bed. Perennials can be cut back, leaves raked and mulched and anything left to harvest that made it through the cold should be packed up now. Tools that had been left in the garden at the ready for fall chores can be cleaned and put away. Containers can be tidied up and seasonal porch pots can be created. Once the leaves have fallen from trees and shrubs and they head into dormancy, pruning can be accomplished. If your soil isn’t frozen solid, which it shouldn’t be – there is still time to plant bulbs, perennials, shrubs, trees and sod or add mulch.

At Blue Grass, we are very hopeful that the sun returns soon so that we can continue to enjoy the fall and this years’ upcoming 14th Annual Pumpkin Festival. This year the event occurs on Sunday, October 8 from 11am-3pm with all the usual activities and of course the giant pumpkin drops that are a family favourite. Our fall workshops are well underway and classes are filling up for holiday workshops as well, don’t wait to register if you’re thinking about it.

From all of us at Blue Grass we wish you and yours a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of family and friends. We are truly thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you at Pumpkin Fest!