Sod 101

Sod 101

Blue Grass has been growing and harvesting registered quality sod for years. We are proud of our commitment to quality, service and value of the sod we grow locally. We use organic growth methods and employ environmentally responsible methods for quality sod production and harvesting.

Our sod is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and the grass mixture true to type. Sod is cut by approved methods, with the soil portion having a minimum of 1-2.5cm maximum thickness and having a reasonable tear strength. It is mowed to a height of 4-7cm before harvesting. Sod is protected during transportation to prevent drying out and arrives at site in fresh and heathy condition.

By Definition:

Sod or turf is basically a mat of grass and soil bound by roots. It is generally used to establish a quick expanse of grass for lawns, golf courses, athletic fields or other green spaces.


The fundamental benefits of installing sod is it adds value to your yard, prevents soil erosion, has a cooling effect on environment, absorbs noise and controls dust.

The landscape benefits are beauty, provides immediate results (vs. seeding) and creates an outdoor living space.