15 Landscaping Ideas You'll Love

15 Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

Designing your landscape can be exciting, overwhelming, and intimidating. The garden landscaping season is upon us, and you have plenty of time to check everything off your list this year (with our help, of course). We put together the top 15 landscaping ideas we know you’ll love this year. Enjoy!

#1: Walkways

A classic weaving path around your home, garden, and flowerbeds can turn your humble abode from inviting to enchanting. The best part is that you have various materials and budgets to work with. Wood, gravel, pebbles, and stone are popular landscape options for homeowners that add a walkway. Want even more creativity? Add pops of colour with eye-catching flowers lining the path.

#2: Add Height with Planters and Baskets

Planters and hanging baskets can take your garden landscaping to the next level – literally. You get the visual benefits with minimal effort with elevation added since drainage and aeration are better when raised. If you want to build a backyard oasis with a wave of colour, adding height is an excellent place to start.

#3: Growing Beds

Flowers pack a punch to your landscape that transforms it from lush greenery to a personable presence. You can express your creativity and style with colour, flower types, and spacing. Modern gardens will typically stick with one or two types of flowers, where English garden styles flourish with various plants and palettes.

#4: Edible Garden Landscaping

When you’re in the middle of your recipe and realize you forgot to pick up some fresh herbs, it can halt the process. Wouldn’t it be great if it was just a few steps away? Edible gardens are a smart, sustainable, and simple addition to any landscape project that allows you to take advantage of the freshest ingredients.

#5: Water Features as Landscaping Ideas

Fountains and water features can range from grand, majestic masterpieces to simple, elegant designs that complement the space. You don’t need to imagine a towering stone figure in the middle of your yard. A water feature can include a birdbath, pond, pool, or small fountain. Soothe your stress and get into the ultimate relaxation mood with the sound of running water in your own backyard.

#6: Beautify Your Landscape with Trees

Trees are the perfect solution for privacy, shade, or just something pretty. With a variety of options, you can choose between flowering trees, large shade trees, or fruit-bearing trees. Just keep in mind any tree you plant today will grow in size. You’ll want to plant away from the house or any nearby walls.

#7: Ambient Lighting as Landscaping Ideas

Not only are lights great for aesthetic appeal, but they also give the nod to additional safety by enhancing your space at night. The right choice will transform your environment by twinkling with a charming glow under the stars. You can get creative by draping your trees with string lights, lining your flower beds with rope lights, or running them from the house to various trees around the yard. Solar lights are the most common choice for being eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient.

#8: Add Fresh Mulch

Refreshing the mulch around your shrubs and flower beds is a simple and inexpensive approach to improving your home’s landscape. Mulch is crucial because it helps keep weeds at bay while retaining moisture. Too much mulch, on the other hand, might have the reverse effect. Mulch that is old and faded loses its wow impact, so replenish it as needed to maintain your curb appeal.

#9: Be Adventurous with Colour

A beautiful lush lawn can be desirable. But if that’s all your landscape has, it can be boring too. Flowers with bright colours can change the way your garden landscape looks. You can have more variety by painting your planters or giving your chairs a fresh coat. A great place to start with colour is in your entryway or patio.

#10: Add an Outdoor Fire Pit

Whether you’re a campfire singer, marshmallow roaster, or like to hang out by the warm flicker of the fire, an outdoor fire pit is a great gathering place for friends and family. You don’t need to go all-out to take advantage of one this year. Shop our store for ready to go fire pits that will turn up the heat on summer fun.

#11: Get Creative with Seating

Your landscape should be beautiful, but it should also be functional. Where is everyone going to enjoy your meticulously maintained yard? Picnic benches, hammocks, metal chairs and more are at your disposal for decoration. Just make sure you’ve factored in some comfy options along the way!

#12: Natural Ground Covers

Natural ground covers, like dense spreading perennials, are an excellent solution for homeowners that want to do less weeding this year. It’s a beautiful addition that requires minimal maintenance and acts as a quick landscape makeover.

#13: Beautify Your Boundaries

The border between your yard and your neighbour’s yard can offer both privacy and taste. You don’t have to stick with a wooden fence to outline your boundaries. A line of trees or shrubs can make the space look more appealing while improving air quality.

#14: Have Fun with Foliage

The plants in your garden can be strategically placed to make your yard appear larger. Bold tropical plants with large leaves can boost a small area with greenery without sacrificing spaciousness. You could also try climbing plants on your fences to give it extra flair.

#15: Add a Rock Feature

Adding rocks or gravel will break up the profile of your garden bed and offer a subtle natural accent. Front yard landscaping ideas with stones can often serve a practical purpose as well, such as creating a rock spillway for your rain gutters to keep an area from becoming too muddy. Breaking up a bed or putting pea gravel borders to your pathways are two more alternatives.

Your gardening landscape can be overwhelming when you’re focused on the big picture. Take on one small project at a time to reveal your personal oasis over the spring and summer months.

What was your favourite landscape project last summer? Do you have any gardening projects for this summer? Share your thoughts below to inspire our readers this year.